We invited the Adobe Studio team to create AR animations that enhanced the printed posters and show how the elements morph, zoom and transform to bring the viewer into a magical world of art and creativity. You can view the AR animations and read more about this project here.

In the spirit of embracing diverse perspectives, we invited all summit guests to participate in a collective stop-motion animation that would be woven into our Opening Reel (starting at 00:25). Participants were free to doodle on the keyframes in an analog or digital format using any of our tools. The results were fun and surprising.


Adobe Design Brand Team

Design Manager Sonja Hernandez
Designers Anny Chen, Emma Zhang, Tânia Junceiro Raposo and Soomin Park
Program Manager Angelie Herreria

Special Thanks

AR/VR Poster Experience: Brian Yap, Lidia Lukianova, Steve Ogden
T-Shirt Design: Brooke Hopper
Letterpress Notebook: Arie Huang and Tanya Siadneva
360 Photo Booth: Michael Jarrott and Skycar Creative
Projection Art Installation: Ramiz Sheikh
Event Production: Preview Events, Marisa Bazan, Rob Gianino, Carri Holden, Pollyanna Macchiano, Lisa Pedee, Bailey Sharrocks, Cassarie Soungpanya
Event Photos: Alnie Figueroa, Eric Haseltine, Ryan Hicks, Matthew Richmond, Emma Salom

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