Reimagining Sol Lewitt - The Process

Sol Lewitt’s work, being conceptual by nature, was a challenge to approach it as a visual medium. But none the less, understanding his nature and seeing how he approaches sculptural art gave me an idea to start with.
Thinking of his famous quote: "An artist should provide the blueprint, so that anyone can understand art by looking at it", I took an approach similar to taking his procedural artistic style as a blue print that I can build upon. A formula of logic and intention.
I took three methods of approach that distilled the art of Sol Lewitt.
After distilling my ideas into three, I further distilled into two ideas which produced the two:
Later on, I further distilled onto a direction that was more relevant to Sol Lewitt. Which was choosing the one that reminded of his style, rather than just having a contemporary "look".
And came the result of my fruition. A beautifully orchestrated vision of grapihc design that spoke both Sol Lewitt and communicative functionality as an exhibition poster.

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