A compilation of UI design and web design that is centered around user experience and interactive motion on icons and applications.

As my career as a motion designer expanded, I fell in love with UI and UX designs. The simple concept of user experience that goes beyond the everyday use of a software but rather a mixture visual communication with an emphasis on motion allows more personalized connection with a software. More specifically, a stylistic engaging experience that allows users to delve into the personality of a brand or software. I came to respect and love the potential of this medium, which has led me to create versions of my own.  
A redesign of UI interface for compact Photoshop on android or ios devices. It was purposely created with the mindset of "How long will the user interact with this software?" "How much motion graphics on the icons are enough?" "What is the best effective lure, that visually attracts the viewer as long as possible, while boosting creative output?"
For these are a work in progress web design that will house looping animations, ambient eye candy for UI, that is geared towards promoting a career event for my school.

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